Find Your Balance

Feeling stressed, out of balance, or perhaps not feeling like yourself and can't quite put you finger on what it is that you need? - These are some of the things that have drawn many of my clients to come along and spend some time on themselves and explore what is holding them back from feeling CALM, feeling PEACE, feeling JOY. . . .


Offering complimentary therapies that use gentle muscle monitoring as a means to access your body's sub conscious to identify blocks and stresses within the many systems of the body inclusive of the mind, body and spirit that together make up a whole. This work can provide insight into the underlying issues that you may need to address in order to move forward and heal.  During a session many tools can be utalised depending on what your body calls upon to unlock its own innate ability to self heal.

Allow your body to identify the correction that it needs in order to be able to clear and release what it is that is holding you back from living the life you desire and bring you back to a state of balance.


Master Reiki Practitioner

Meditation Teacher

Megan Pelias

Hi, I'm Megan. My journey in life so far has inspired me, sending me on my path of continued personal growth and professional path.  I am a qualified Holistic Kinesiologist, and am passionate about helping people on their path towards wellness and getting back to a state of balance and personal power in life. Kinesiology, being a holistic system of natural health care draws on a blend of Traditional Chinese Medicine and western techniques to assess the body as a whole.


Ever inspired and intrigued to learn more I have also completed studies in Intuitive Awareness , am a Level III Reiki Master Practitioner and teacher, qualified Meditation Teacher, and am a member of the Australian  Traditional Medicine Society (ATMS). My work feels more of a passion to me and I look forward to working with you.

Treatment Options

Unlock Your Own Healing Potential

Your appointment is an experience that involves tuning into your body’s innate wisdom. I offer a safe space for you to explore your own healing potential. I am willing to walk alongside you, whatever your journey be in regard to your specific set of concerns with the aim of helping you feeling back to your balanced self.

It is important to understand that available treatments look beyond symptoms and do not diagnose named diseases/ conditions nor do they treat them. Rather they seek to correct any underlying imbalances/stresses you may be experiencing that can contribute to a state of dysfunction and "dis-ease".


As of the 1st April, 2019 rebates are no longer available due to Government reforms on Private Health Insurance and the recognition of some Natural Therapies including Kinesiology. This decision continues to be challenged by the Complimentary/Natural Medicine industry with the exploration of research and continued lobbying.


NSW Health has confirmed that your face to face Kinesiology appointment and natural therapy treatment in a clinical setting IS permitted under the current restrictions. Your mental, emotional, physical wellbeing is addressed in these sessions and remains important. Upon arrival to your appointment you are required to check in via the provided QR code and practitioner & client to wear masks. Appropriate infection control is maintained. Under these circumstances- Appointments remain available.

If you are feeling unwell, or have been instructed to self isolate, please contact us to re-schedule your appointment.


1.5 Hrs - $120.00

Holistic Kinesiology encompasses a broad range of techniques that are based on many years of tradition.  Using gentle muscle monitoring to identify stress or blocks that you may be experiencing in your life, physically, emotionally and mentally. Sessions incorporate a variety of holistic techniques that include: essential oils, flower essences, acupressure, crystals, sound tools, meditation, working with meridians, muscles and more. The body is offered corrections to enhance it's capacity to heal and improve energy flow.

Reiki Hands on Healing

60 minutes - $80.00

Usui Reiki- A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. This technique is based upon the understanding that a "life force energy" flows through us. If one's life energy is low or depleted, we are more likely to get sick or feel stress. If our energy is high, we are more capable of being happy and healthy. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self improvement that everybody can use.

Combination Kinesiology & Reiki Session

1.5Hrs - $120.00

Combining the benefits of Kinesiology through muscle monitoring in order to uncover what may be standing in the way of feeling the way in which you want to feel, then focusing your Reiki Treatment on what it is you want to feel and achieve. With greater focus and intention, we are better able to move through and release the things that no longer serve us. This session may incorporate the use of Essential Oils, Flower Essences, crystals and other vibrational healing tools.

Image by Oleg Illarionov

Sound Healing Session + Reiki

60 minutes $80.00

A lovely opportunity to relax and allow sound to bath your energetic and physical body to help restore balance and release the stresses of day to day life with the help of essential oil and Reiki Healing also incorporated into your session.

In this session we utilise Elfen Harmonics. Chimes that specifically resonate to the frequency of your Chakra energy centers. 

Ancient hand crafted traditional Tibetan meditation and healing singing bowls made from 7
Seven chakras. Silhouette of a woman against a turquoise sky. Sunset or dawn._The concept

Chakra Resonance Session

60 minutes - $80.00

Chakra Stimulating Movement + Meditation & Chakra Sound Bathing + Intuitive Reiki


A structured session that is delivered one on one or in a small group environment. Taking you through a combination of healing practices in order to facilitate mind-body balance. Working with the energetic centers on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the entire body together to allow for true transformation in your life.

Feel relaxed and renewed after each session. 

Take the opportunity to allow change in yourself and experience the healing potential that a chakra balance can provide. When our Chakras are balanced and in alignment we are better able to interact with the world around us.

Think big, be great, and choose safety, love, peace, connection and abundance.

Reiki Practitioner Training

Please see "Training" tab in main menu

Learn how to facilitate healing for yourself, your loved ones and others by learning and becoming a certified Master & Teacher of Usui Reiki. Offering level I, II & III. If you are interested in learning and wish to find out more, please contact me so that we can have a chat.

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Appointments Available

Operating from a welcoming space dedicated to healing:

"Illawarra Healing Place",

6/12 Beverley Avenue, Warilla, NSW 2529

Appointments are flexible and available           Monday - Wednesday

Please contact Megan on 0430 149 560 or book via the "Book Online" tab.​

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What My Clients Are Saying

I am passionate about helping people on their path to wellness and getting back to a state of balance. Here are some experiences that have been shared following experiencing Holistic Kinesiology and allowing its wonderful benefits. Thankyou to those who have been willing to share.

"I've been using kinesiology in my life for many years now, however my first session with Megan was nothing like what I've previously experienced. Megan is so friendly and welcoming, she makes you feel at ease and manages to get to the core of an issue without feeling intrusive. 

I was so relaxed at the end of the session and I know I went somewhere else for a while and came back that little bit more in tune with myself. I had walked away from my sessions with a big emotional block removed for me  and am looking forward to many more sessions.

Gemma 2017

"The first wealth is health"

Ralph Waldo Emerson