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Chakra Resonance Sessions

Chakra Stimulating Movement + Meditation & Chakra Sound Bathing + Intuitive Reiki

A structured session that is delivered one on one or in a small group environment. Taking you through a combination of healing practices in order to facilitate mind-body balance. Working with the energetic centers on the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the entire body together to allow for true transformation in your life.

Think big, be great, and choose safety, love, peace, connection and abundance.


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Facilitating you through a structured and heart centered approach to your healing, to support a better mind-body connection.


These sessions run for a duration of 60 minutes.

Intention & Gentle movement

Tuning into your free will and the possibility of changing your reality, we set your intention. 

Inspired by "The Healing Insight Method" be lead through a combination of gentle Qigong movements and poses specifically designed to stimulate and restore

balance to your energies and the Seven Major Chakras of the body.

Let's get those energies moving!

Guided Meditation  & Chakra Sound Bathing

Be guided into a grounding meditation and  Relaxing Chakra Sound Bathing.

Using Crystal Singing Bowels that are specifically attuned to resonate to the frequency of your Charka energy centers.

Guiding and encouraging them to a state of restored balance and vitality while you simply relax and enjoy your moment of self care.

When our Chakras are balanced- we are better able to interact with the world in alignment with our purpose and connected to our highest self. 

The offering of Intuitive Reiki Healing

Allow the innate wisdom of your body and your own healing capacities to receive

Reiki energy for your highest good. 

Feel relaxed and renewed after each session.  Take the opportunity to allow change in yourself and experience the healing potential that a chakra balance can provide. When our Chakras are balanced and in alignment we are better able to interact with the world around us.

At the heart of each session, lie our Reiki Principles. Helping us to stay present, be more mindful, reminding us to live with gratitude, compassion and integrity.

And reminding us that each day we have a choice in how we put ourselves forward in our lives. 



These sessions may be offered to you in the following ways:

- one on one in a private clinic setting 

- face to face group session of 2+ participants- subject to request/availability 

Upcoming group sessions will be posted here. Simply complete the booking and payment by following the easy steps.

Your confirmation will be sent via email along with details of what to bring on the day.

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