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According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, our emotions are an expression of Qi (pronounced "chee") and are a reaction to our external environment, felt internally.

Although sometimes felt quite strongly, emotions are neither good nor bad. They are simply important internal messages and information from our body and can provide much insight when paid attention to. For example, "Anger", which is quite often considered a negative emotion, is rather an internal sign that we are constraining ourselves in some way.

Anger moves Qi in an upwards direction and this can have a result in causing physical ailments such as headaches, confusion, shortness of breath, loss of vision.

So..... if you find yourself feeling angry at times or often, even trying to suppress anger, perhaps take the time to ask yourself: in what ways are you constricting yourself in life??

It may be helpful to bring your attention to your emotion and give it the thought it is calling for.

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