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Usui Reiki Level II 
Advanced Practitioner

**The second of three levels within the Usui Reiki System.**

In the second level of Reiki you will delve into the Reiki symbols. Be introduced to the the power of sacred symbolism and geometry. You will also learn to facilitate distance healing with Reiki and be introduced to methods of amplifying your Reiki Healing offering.

Level Two is offered to those who have completed Reiki Level I and is taught across one day. This may be carried out one on one with or in small groups.

What you will be equipped with:


* A deepening you your Reiki Healing experiences and your offerings

* An introduction to the Reiki Sacred Symbols

* Learn various techniques to heal using the Sacred Symbols

* Distance Healing with Reiki

With the aid of a Reiki Master, you will be mentally prepared for and attuned into the Reiki Symbols. Each discovered, taught and passed on by Dr. Usui. You will be trained in their specific application as a Reiki practitioner for healing purposes.

Intensify your light.


With the increased light vibrations in your healing channel and energy body, as well as the introduction of Sacred Symbols, Reiki will flow in a much more concentrated manner through your Reiki Channel.


This initiation is followed by 21 days of cleansing which is an integral part of the spiritual development that is fostered in order to promote an intense confrontation with ourselves. Brough about with the with the strengthened flooding of light in all of our energy bodies; our concept of self, expectations and ideals, modes and patterns, past hurt and burdening habits in life may arise and challenged. You may already haver a heightened  awareness here and existing use of the light force energy around you, and so this process may not be so confronting.

This cleansing is all for good reason. It makes it possible to intensify the Universal Life Energy that we are privileged to access into a more concentrated form, to raise our unconscious processes into consciousness, share distance healings and send Reiki where necessary for the greater good. Be it into a situation, a room, a meeting, an experience, a person, a crystal, an animal, a plant, the possibilities and potential are endless. ​


In this Second Degree of Usui Reiki you will receive:


* A comprehensive Manual

* 2 Reiki Attunements

* Certificate of your completion of “Reiki Level II - Advanced Practitioner”

Completion of this Second Degree will allow you to practice Reiki on yourself, family and friends and to further gain experience in healing those that surround you.


An Investment for life:


The investment into your Reiki training is very much an investment for life. A beautiful tool for self-healing and improvement for not only you as a practitioner but gives the skill to help others in their own healing journey.

The full day of Level II Reiki - Advanced Practitioner training is – AUD $480​

To work with me, I invite you to reach out, let’s have a chat and discover how we can bring Reiki into this world together………

Close up image of relaxed young woman lying with her eyes closed and having Reiki healing
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